Pros program slot

How would you change the program slot that’s you download into on pros?

Open a terminal/command prompt, navigate to the project root, and run
prosv5 upload --slot SLOT_NUMBER

Note that this will not compile your code, it will only upload. As far as I know for uploading to a specific slot you must run the prosv5 make and prosv5 upload commands separately instead of together with proav5 mu


HOw would we do this go to the terminal how are things run from the terminal?

There is also a slot configuration option in the PROS Editor upload screen.
Btw, I’m pretty sure you can (now) apply --slot with prosv5 mu.
You should google how to use the terminal, its a valuable skill.


Yep I’ll try that hopefully it works, there seems to be something wrong with pros overriding existing code