Pros project will not make

When I try to make this new pros project I made, it is giving me the following error:
*** No rule to make target 'bin/Initialize.cpp', needed by 'bin/hot.package.elf'. Stop.

How would I go about fixing this?

Full error message: Untitled - Paste-bin

Code: In-Progress_Programs/Testing-Prebuild/Okapi 路 Mages 路 ACP Robotics / 2021-2022 Season 路 GitLab

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The only difference between the code when the error came, and the code in github is that I removed the stock driver code

I have a slightly similar problem. I am using Atom and have downloaded PROS and the PROS CLI, however when I use the menu to create a pros project I get the error in the image attached. I am using a M1 MacBook with the latest macOS. Any help is appreciated!

This may or may not be a stupid question. I know every code started as a skeleton. I played around with my terminal and was able to open a file like this in Atom. Am I good to go?

well i dont see any problems with that, if you want to feel secure about you program, i reccomend u to dont change the original code, and try to save and build the project, once that you make that, plug your computer to V5brain and try to dowloand the project.

Then run the program in the v5brain and see if in the screens appears this message.

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Thank you! Just wanted to make sure I can actually get to the coding part. Had plenty of issues when actually getting PROS, so wanted to make sure I did it right.

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