PROS Robot Spinning. PID Issue, or Hardware?

Hey There!

I encountered a problem with the robot when using PROS, were the chassis would spin uncontrollably. I was using EZ template, and the chassis.set_drive_pid command to have the robot do different functions.

However, I also believed this was a problem with my code. So I downloaded the EZ template Example, and plugged in the ports and the gear ratio/IMU into the template and got to work tuning. After a short while, the same issue occurred. After testing to change the PID values in the default constants portion, the robot would go forward slower (as I had made the PID numbers smaller) and then continue to spin at the same speed.

I can send code/videos if needed, and thanks!

We’ll need code to be able to diagnose your issue.


nevemind Inertial was set up the wrong way

thanks anyways bro

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