PROS Sample Program

Im looking for some sample cortex programs for PROS other than the single clawbot tutorial. Any ideas on where i could find some?
Probably not appropriate for a beginner though.

Thanks @Barin

One quick thing I thought cortex projects had to stay in C?

C++ was never officially supported, but, with a few workarounds, C++ by in large worked fine.

The PROS API was definitely C only, though, so some people wrote their own object-oriented wrapper for the PROS API.

@Barin any refrence on where you got the ideas for this im really mind blown lmao i can understand it i just am having trouble wrapping my head around the whole namespace stuff at the moment. if i can work in C++ for the cortex it will help with the transition to the V5 and then not wasting my time with that change lol

It’s not actually my code (or team), so I can’t justify any decisions made in the code.

Like I said, that sample is probably not appropriate for beginners.

This is probably a bit more beginner-friendly, but I would still hesitate to call it suitable for beginners:

Also, you don’t need to learn C++ by programming a robot. You can code and run C++ with just a normal computer.