PROS Sensors Setup Wizard

Introducing PROS Sensors Setup Wizard (PSSW)

PSSW is a plugin for eclipse (PROS) that provides GUI through which you input your sensor configuration and it then generates the necessary initialization code for you and inserts it into the necessary files of your selected project.

How to use PSSW

  1. Right click on the project for which you want to configure sensors and select VEX>Configure Sensors

  2. Select the types of sensors you are using

  3. Enter the necessary information for each sensor type

  4. Click finish and presto! The wizard adds the initialization code to init.c and main.h as required.

Installing PSSW
If you are running the latest version of pros (post January 2016 update) You can select help>Install new software within pros and enter the update site:, which will then guide you through the installation


With any version you can download the plugin and extract the jar to the pros dropins (or plugins if dropins doesn’t work) folder (eg C:\Program Files\PROS\dropins)


You can simply run the installer which will extract the plugin for you. You will still have to tell it where PROS is installed at if you didn’t use the default location.


Feel free to post any comments, feedback, questions, or complaints!

There is a known issue where going back multiple pages in the wizard will cause later pages to disappear, so try to avoid going backwards if you still need to edit later pages. If it gets messed up, you can always just cancel and start over.

If anyone actually feels so inclined they could fix that issue as all the code is available on github, and feel free to tell me how stupidly I set up the pages :). If people are actually interested in this project I’m sure I’ll get around to fixing it eventually.

This plugin is pretty nice to have, thanks @Highwayman and the PROS team! Can’t wait for more

I think you might want to drop it into /plugins, not /dropins. The plugin isn’t detected for my friends install of PROS when put into /dropins.

Glad you liked it!

Hmm, dropins seems to work for me. You may have to run PROS as admin for the first time? As long as /plugins works though, I guess it doesn’t matter. If I get a chance I might look into it.

This looks really cool! I am ecstatic to see new plugins and ideas coming to the PROS community making for a much better experience.

On a side note did you also think of using an eclipse update site to allow you to easily install the plugin utilizing eclipse’s internal package manager? We have found it is MUCH easier to use this method for development and deployment. If interested @edjubuh could tell you more on this as he is in charge of our eclipse update sites hosted on github.

Psst… :wink: Add feature and update site by edjubuh · Pull Request #1 · Highway-Man/PROS-Sensors-Setup-Wizard · GitHub

Thanks @Jabibi!
I did try using an update site at one point, but I had too many issues with eclipse complaining that there was some missing requirement. I actually found that this way of installing it worked better, but that was probably because I was setting up the update site wrong.

@edjubuh Thanks, you are awesome!
I saw your pull request. I’m trying to test your update site, but unfortunately I’m working on the slowest internet connection imaginable. It should be merged soon.

No problem, figuring out how all the Eclipse components fit together took the better part of last semester!

Eclipse in one screenshot (warning: contains language). We actually had to debug worse error messages than that

Hm, my friend will just leave it in /plugins then. I’m using it on eclipse standalone as well, and it works just fine for the both of us. Well, i’ll leave it at that then. Thanks for the hard work you guys put in!