PROS startup delay issue

Recently our team started working with VEX PROS to program our bot, and we are really enjoying the quantity of libraries and new stuff we can use. We are currently using the chassi factory and pathfinder to set curves for our pre-match auto, and it is working just fine. The issue that we have is - every match start, we have to wait 2 seconds until the auto start. It always happens, the autonomous countdown ends, and we lose 2 extra seconds because the robot won’t do anything. I am not sure if it is because of the pathfinder calculations, or a PROS configuration, but we really need those beginning 2 seconds for our autonomous to work. Is there a way to get rid of it, or to make it shorter?

I would like to know if someone had this issue before, and what causes it, so we can resolve it. Thanks

A link to a github repo holding your code would be useful, as there are a variety of things that could be causing it.

My guess would be you are generating all of the paths at the start of auto and not either as needed during runtime or initialization.

That or you are initializing the gyro (if you have one) at the start of auto and not at program start. The gyro needs a few seconds to properly calibrate itself, and this blocks out the rest of the program.

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Are you calculating all your paths first and then using them? If so are you doing this in initialize or auton? Or do you calculate one or two paths then the rest while a path is running?

Here is an example of the latter

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As people have said, it takes Pathfinder time to calculate the paths. The solution is to generate the first path in initialize, so that you are ready to go for auton.