PROS Summer Update

We’re happy to announce the release of the PROS Summer Update!

Here are the new versions:
PROS Kernel 2.12.1
PROS CLI 2.6.0
PROS for Atom 0.7.3

What’s New:

  • New Installation Experience
  • From this release forward, we are providing our own distribution of Atom, called PROS Editor. PROS Editor has all the same features as Atom, but it sports a PROS logo as its icon, and comes preinstalled with the PROS package for Atom and its dependencies. If you are upgrading from a previous version of PROS, the PROS Editor will not be installed by default. The PROS Editor can also be installed and used alongside Atom, without making any changes to your existing Atom workspace. Note that we will continue to support the PROS plugin using regular Atom. You may still install Atom on your own and use the PROS plugin if you wish.
  • The installation process for MacOS has been greatly enhanced. Along with a shiny new installer, MacOS users no longer need to have Python 3 installed before using PROS.
  • Windows users are now able to properly install PROS on a per-user basis.
  • Debian/Ubuntu users can now use .deb packages for PROS and the PROS Editor.
  • Library Management
  • You can now share your code with others using PROS libraries!
  • Use GitHub Releases or your own custom providers to distribute your libraries.
  • See our tutorial for more details.

Improvements and bugfixes:

  • CLI
  • Fix a bug with detecting COM ports on Windows when other microcontrollers or devices are plugged in (e.g. Arduino or some 3D printers)
  • Project folders no longer have to be empty when creating new projects
  • Library template files no longer need to know about their depots
  • Kernel
  • Add the



  • Add a named constant for when the ultrasonic sensor times out or cannot detect any objects in its range (



  • PROS for Atom
  • Release version 0.7.3, which includes various bugfixes for the PROS Conductor GUI.
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Known Issues:

  • MacOS


may have a “cancel” sign over the icon if your OS version is less than 10.13. Don’t worry, this is purely cosmetic and you can rest assured that the PROS CLI will work normally. Note that opening PROS will do nothing by design.

  • Windows
  • Sometimes, the platformio-atom-ide-terminal package fails to install properly. If this is the case, please install it manually. The method that works in most cases is to open the Command Prompt and run

"C:\Program Files\PROS\editor\resources\cli\apm.cmd" install platformio-ide-terminal

  • In some cases when installing the PROS Editor, you may get an error message that says

Error Reading From File

. This error message should only appear a few times and you can safely click


. You may also move the installer to a different (shorter) path, such as



Join us on Slack!

We’ve recently set up a Slack Workspace for discussing PROS/JINX design, as well as being a more central place for PROS support. Don’t worry, we’re still going to maintain our presence on the forum, on the VTOW discord server, and on our mailing list. You can join this workspace by clicking this link.

And lastly, before you ask…

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a PROS Developer as well as the PROS Community Manager. This basically means that I’m the one online at most hours of the day, heheh

That’s because the majority of the work done on this release was completed over this past summer. And then again, it certainly still feels like it’s the summer :smiley:

yer i got the first post

#javapros #usepros

But where the wav support?

Please feel free to help out with that, over on the PROS GitHub repository :slight_smile:

wav is massive why would you want to use wav anyway when you could use FLAC for same quality. Plus vex speaker is terrible anyway so its not like lossy format is gonna make a difference.