PROS Terminal and Dependency Help

I’m on Ubuntu 14.04 with fairly old laptop and I’m having two issues with PROS. The first issue is with a dependency. I install following the instructions found here. Now whenever I try to install a program with sudo apt-get install I get a message saying the prose is missing a dependency ai32-libs and that it can’t be installed. so if I want to install any new programs have to uninstall PROS, install the program, and reinstall PROS.

I also can’t figure out how to see the information from the robot on the terminal. I go to window > show view > terminal, I click the connect button and the only two ports that show up in the drop down list are /dev/ttyS0 and /dev/ttyS4. /dev/ttyS0 says no such port and dev/ttyS4 is for my touchscreen. What do I now? It kinda stinks having to debug using the LCD.

so what do I need to do?

Its interesting, I have been having exactly the same issues with ubuntu 15.04.

So essentially, heres the problem. As far as I can tell PROS uses ia32-libs to run 32 bit programs on 64 bit systems. It’s now not really supported and superseded by MultiArch. Anyway you have a few options, take a look at a couple of these threads on stack overflow for a few solutions:


For a quick fix I guess if PROS works fine without ia32-libs you could just remove it from PROS dependencies. :D](


For a quick fix I guess if PROS works fine without ia32-libs you could just remove it from PROS dependencies. :D](
Thanks. The biggest issue is the issue with the terminal though. I’ve been thinking of switching to Linux mint, maybe it will work better on that?

i use debian jessie, ia32-libs is a deprecated package and i had to manually repackage the deb file :confused:

from what i can tell the PROS terminal doesnt work at all on linux, ive been forced to use minicom to use the debug stream, the only issue with this is that minicom doesnt automatically disconnect when downloading code

Ok, I’ll try it tomorrow.

Im interested, did you just remove the ia32-libs dependancy or did you replace it with something like lib32z1 lib32ncurses5 lib32bz2-1.0 (or did you do something else). Have you had any issues with PROS with whatever modifications you made?

The ai32-libs is a known issue with a deprecated dependency. We have resolved this with the new PROS package that we will be releasing by Thanksgiving.

This is strange as our lab machines run Ubuntu 14.04 lts and the serial terminal works great on those machines. First check that you are using the correct serial port as sometimes the TM Terminal plugin is not the most sophisticated in enumerating serial ports. If you are attempting to access the correct port then check the permissions on it. It maybe that your system requires higher level permissions then your user profile in order to access peripherals.

Well I’m no pro (pun intended) at linux, how do I check those things?

Ok, I didn’t try minicom yesterday like I thought I would be able to but I just tried it now. I followed the instructions at and it’s working. Since I figured out what port to use I decided to try using the terminal in PROS but it crashes as soon as I press the space bar. Also, on every new line there sees to be a tab. Might be a minicom issue so I’m gonna try something else.

it’s not minicom, same thing happens with PuTTY.

I figured it out. For some reason I have to do carriage return and newline.

By crashing what do you mean? Can you provide more information or a screenshot?

i mean I click window > show view > terminal I click the green connect button I leave all the settings to their defaults except for port, that I change to /dev/ttyACM0 I click cd object and PROS closes or sometimes freezes.

When you say “leave all the settings to their defaults except for port” could be the source of your error as you are not setting the baud rate correctly. Have you read through the set up instructions ( to configure the terminal window?

I read through the instructions and all of my settings are the same. I think the buad was set correctly already (It’s possible that it wasn’t and I forgot that I changes it but I’m sure i’ve been trying to access the terminal with the correct buad rate).

Ok in that case could try to recreate a full crash and send me the log files from eclipse. I would really be curious to see where the exception is being thrown.

Retrieve Eclipse Log File Instructions

Ok, probally won’t get to it until Monday, my team is hosting a competition today and I’m exuasted.

I’m so sorry! I completely forgot to do this on Monday! Well here it is. it exceeds the file upload size on the forums so I had to upload it to Google drive.