PROS Terminal stopped working


Yesterday, I was playing around with some Rust display code on the V5 Brain. After a couple memory errors/ vex brain prefetch errors, I realized the PROS Terminal (pros ut) was not printing print statements to my terminal from the brain.

Does anyone know how to debug this/fix this?


How are you printing to the terminal? I find that tbe easiest way to do it is to use the libc_print crate. YMMV.

also make sure your PROS CLI version matches your VexOS version. For 1.0.13, you want to use PROS cli 3.2.0

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Iā€™m already using libc_print ( This method was working fine before two days ago, when it broke.

My brain is already updated to 1.0.13, and I am on CLI 3.2.0.