PROS Terminal Usage


Our team uses PROS for programming, and in the past, we’ve always used the terminal and typed in “prosv5 mu” to upload our code. However, recently the terminal doesn’t respond to these commands, and it just leaves them there. I think it might be due to a new update in PROS (we have the latest version, 3.2.1).

Does anyone know how to use the terminal to upload code?

Thanks so much!

There are a few things I would suggest trying:

  1. Use the upload button in the pros UI. If it does not find any V5 Brain devices then skip to 3
  2. prosv5 u --slot n which simply uploads the program to the specified slot (n = [1-8]). Note that this will not make the project, so you should make the project first, if you have not done it already. If it does not find any V5 Brain devices then skip to 3. If this does not work, but the UI button works then, make sure that you are running this command in the directory which has the pros project in it. I’ll add that this command works for me, even after the update. If you follow these steps and the command does not work then, there might be an issue elsewhere.
  3. Check that the computer is communicating with the Brain properly. I use the V5 Firmware Utility becuase that is provided by VEX. The V5 Brain should be connected to the computer using the micro usb port. Open the application and see if the computer can recognize the connected V5 Brain. Additionally, if there is an update available, then install it.

Hopefully, this helps you!
PS: I am planning to make a tutorial video about PROS terminal usage in the close future. Stay tuned :smile:


Can you clarify what exactly you mean by this? Does it show any error?

Also, you can try listing connected VEX devices by typing prosv5 lsusb. See if the brain shows up there.



The upload button works, but not the “prosv5 u --slot n” command. I’m not sure, maybe I’m doing something wrong? I attached a screenshot if that helps a bit.

Thanks so much!



I attached a screenshot of the commands y’all sent. Could you please take a look at it for me?


It looks like your terminal itself is just not working. That’s par tof Atom (the editor on which PROS is built), not PROS itself. For now if you still want to do stuff via the command line, you can open windows command prompt, change to the directory of your project, and run the commands from there.

To fix, I’d recommend making sure all your Atom packages are up to date (looking in the bottom-right corner of the screenshot it looks like there’s at least one thing out of date), and check the settings for the terminal plugin (I don’t recall what it’s called at the moment).


I tried it with the command prompt, and it works perfectly. Thanks so much for the help!

It looks like you were opening the PROS terminal, which is the connection to the robot, and not your computers terminal. There is a different button in atom to open the computer terminal.


Oh, I see. Do you know which button is for the computer terminal then? I’d like to try it out too. Thanks

I’m not sure, as I don’t use the PROS editor.
It should be one of the buttons on the menu bar.
The package is named terminal-tab-plus, so you may be able to find the associated keyboard shortcuts in the settings.

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