PROS: true.exe has stopped working

I am trying to switch over to PROS this year in VEX, but I’m having some problems setting it up.

At first it couldn’t find arm-eabi-none-gcc but I fixed that. Now I’m getting a new problem:

I have minimal experience with the Eclipse IDE, and haven’t used it very much over the past year. Is there a way to fix this?

The toolchain wasn’t in the PATH, I just added it to it.

try building the project manually from the command like, cd into the directory that contains src and run make

true.exe is part of the toolchain that is installed on your computer with PROSe. My initial assumption is that something has gone wrong during the installation process that is causing true.exe to crash.

Also as a side note the first time you opened up PROSe did you run it with administrative privileges?

The account I’m running PROSe on doesn’t have admin privelages. Are those needed to run correctly?
EDIT: Reinstalling PROSe seemed to do the trick.

Administrative privileges are not required to run PROSe and have it function properly. For some machines & configurations sometimes you need to run PROSe the first time with admin rights due to environmental variables.

I am in the middle of investigating this and updating PROSe to a more recent version to improve the user experience.

Glad to hear you got it working!