PROS tutorial?

So our team uses PROS to program the robots, and I want to learn how to use it so I can contribute to the programming, but I can’t find any tutorials for it. I know Cody Smith used to have some really good tutorials on it, but now they are unlisted, just like his inventor tutorials. Our programmer had the link to his inventor tutorials, and so I could watch them though they were unlisted. They were very helpful. But our programmer did not have the link to the PROS tutorial. So I am wondering if anyone has the link to Cody Smith’s PROS tutorials? That would be great. OR if you know of another good PROS tutorial series, then could you please link that as well?

Does not count as a good tutorial?

I was hoping to find a good video tutorial. The site you linked works for some, but I don’t have any coding background so it’s not really what I’m looking for.

The tutorials on the PROS website are absolutely excellent for getting familiar with PROS. Yes, you do have to read! But, that can be a good thing and help you absorb it more. If you are trying to learn some basic programming first, I’d always recommend going to your local library and checking out a book in C or C++. You can’t really go wrong with this, the only thing to be careful of is date of publication as the book might not be updated to reflect newer language features. Then again, this probably doesn’t matter much for a beginner just trying to learn the concepts.


You usually learn better when you get see code on the screen and read and highlight specific points. Sure, lazy people could watch a video or two and manage, but that’s not a very good way to learn a library such as PROS.

So, just use the website and the tutorials, it’s very well written and can get you started with PROS within a week, if not less.

SOOON, I promise! I want to get a few ahead so there can be a fairly regular release schedule.
Also, maybe if I can finally get PROS fixed on my programming laptop . . .

The goal of our tutorials, as some have said, is to get people who are already familiar with C up to speed with using our library for robotics, not to teach you how to program in C (as this is a task we feel other people have already done better than we could).

If you look around on the internet, there are plenty of video-based C tutorials, like this series from thenewboston or this one that I found on YouTube.

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What advantages does PROS have over RobotC? Can it still multitask?

There are many, many threads about the differences between PROS and ROBOTC here on the forum.

Yes it can multitask. But as @hotel said, there are many threads about it, however the main advantage is you can use actual C or C++, as well as using a different text editor (we use atom)