PROS Unable to BUILD

Hi I just installed pros on my Mac after using it on windows. While copying the windows files for PROS onto my Mac, I come up with the following error when I attempt to build.

Compiled src/main.c [ERRORS]
In file included from ./include/pros/llemu.h:31,
from ./include/api.h:52,
from ./include/main.h:37,
from src/main.c:2:
./include/display/lvgl.h:21:10: fatal error: lv_misc/lv_log.h: No such file or directory
#include “lv_misc/lv_log.h”
compilation terminated.
make: *** [bin/main.c.o] Error 1
Capturing metadata for PROS Editor…
Error: Failed to build

Any help would be greatly apreciated.

EDIT: I just installed pros with homebrew as it says to on the PROS installation guide.

I would try to create a new project. It is possible that something went wrong when you created your project, and all necessary files were not copied.

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Hmm that actually works great. Thanks!

When I create a new project it does not recognize numerous functions that worked in windows. It seems to build fine, is this consistent with Macs?

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What functions? I’ve moved pros projects between Linux and windows with no problems. Not sure about a Mac though.

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When I try to build a program which includes multiple files, the terminal pops up but shows no errors nor does it confirm a successful build. When I try to build other programs that include a single main file it is a successful build. Here are my statements that include other files as well as the pros terminal screenshot. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

#include “math.h”
#include “main.h”
#include “PID.c”
#include “Init.c”
#include “Auto.c”

You are probably initializing a global object that is causing a problem.
Try removing your includes until it is solved.
Try doing a clean build (Build->All).
Also, you should never include source (.c) files, you are risking violating the multiple definition rule.
You should start reading