PROS Uploading: V5 ports not recognized

My code builds/compiles fine. When I try to upload it to the cortex by running prosv5 upload or prosv5 mut in the PROS terminal, I get the following error:

ERROR - pros.cli.common:resolve_v5_port - No v5 ports were found! If you think you have a v5 plugged in, run this command again with the --debug flag

My computer is a MacBook Pro connected to the cortex with a USB-C to USB-A dongle and a USB-A to micro-USB cable. I have tried switching the dongle, the cable, and which USB port on my computer I upload from. I was able to upload from my computer to the cortex this way last year. I think we may be using a different v5 cortex this year. Anyone have any recommendations of what I could try?

To be clear, are you using a VEX V5 Brain or an ARM Cortex Microcontroller?

I would try uploading a project using VEXCode, to see if the problem is due to PROS or your computer/cable setup.
That is, if you are using the V5 Brain as opposed to the old cortex system.

Then, I would try with a different computer and different cables.
That way you can know if the problem is:

  • PROS
  • Your computer
  • The cables
  • The USB port on the brain
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It might sound really strange, but see if you can find a USB 2 hub. Not 3.1 or 3.0, 2. There’s a decent chance that it might start working when using that instead of the direct C->A->micro. If you can run with the --debug flag and post that output (file upload or, that would help troubleshooting the problem hugely, too.


I’ve also had that problem, there seems to be something wrong with my port, physically.

I will work on finding a USB 2 hub. Here is the debug info:

Sorry - I am using a VEX V5 Brain.