PROS v5: Can't create project on 32-bit system

Recently we installed PROS v5 on our coding laptops as an alternative to VCS, however we found that we could not create a project in 32-bit Windows for some reason. Once the “Create Project” button was pressed, the window just disappeared. Checking the directory where the project was supposed to be, we found nothing, and no automatically created directory, unlike the 64-bit edition. We have a working 64-bit install on a 64-bit PC which works fine. Java is installed, and we manually replaced the toolchain with the version directly from the PROS 3 github. However, nothing seemed to work.
When opening the terminal, this error was generated:

Error starting process: Error: Cannot find module 'C:\Users\User\.pros-editor\packages\atom-ide-ui\node_modules\nuclide-prebuilt-libs\pty\build\pty-electron-v2.0-win32-ia32\pty.node'