Pros v5 SD Card support

On the V5 Brain I have vex OS 1.0.5
Pros version 3.1.6

On the Brain it also says “SD Card Installed” “Yes”

However, this simple prosv5 code
if ( (fp = fopen("/usd/data1.txt",“w”)) == NULL)
perror("write file error: ");
printf(“write file open error %s:%d\n”,FILE,LINE);
come back with “write file error: : No such device or address”

I cannot figure out what could be wrong. Just from the error it would seem that /usd mount point is not there? Any help is appreciated.

What filesystem is the SD card formatted with? I’m not sure of the exact set of filesystems that VEXos supports, but I can almost guarantee that FAT-32 will work.

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thx- that worked; the card was formatted with exFAT previously which seems to be the default