PROS V5 Support Page up

I noticed yesterday that the SIGbots have the PROS V5 support pages up.
I’ll start going through it this weekend to see how the new API works.

There are currently a lot of broken links (like 40 broken links in 140 pages).

I don’t think they’re broken links so much as links to a private GitHub repository that beta testers have access to.

It’s a struggle when you want to see PROS 3, you have a beta kit at the school, but you’re not the one with access to the beta channels…

It looks like some links target the wrong URL.
For instance, compare the link from to the link from the side menu. Broken Working Broken Working

Hey guys! Glad to hear that you all are excited about the PROS V5 docs too. I and the rest of the PROS team have been working hard to get a lot of documentation prepped for V5.

Thank you for letting me know about all of the broken links, putting together this much documentation in a quick timeframe has caused some growing pains in that area. I’ll get started on fixing those links ASAP, you can expect to see them fixed in the next couple of days at the latest.

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