PROS videos

I had a playlist of some PROS youtube videos a while back but they are now deleted from the users site.
Are there any tutorial PROS videos out there on youtube?
Bill R.

We haven’t currently made any videos, but we do have a few (text-based) tutorials here and here.

I’m guessing they were Cody’s old videos . . . he apparently purged his youtube :frowning:

Yeah they were. I really liked them, and frankly they would help if they were out there.

I’m working on making and posting some by the end of summer.


Huh… I’m kind of interested in doing the same thing. Do you want to PM me what topics you are doing so we can avoid repeating the same topics?

Hey, the more the merrier, right? :slight_smile:

I teach engineering and robotics at the High School level. We currently use robotc. My students, including myself, are at drastically different levels of comprehension and ability. Many of the advanced students want to move to PROS while others are a bit shakey about it.
General process of how to compile and download
PID for the advanced
how to include C and c++ features
Obviously basics such as a short video on drives, motor control, etc
One student wants something on a 2 LCD screen setup (Might be in the forums)

I think that PROS is a good platform to take students to the next level for sure.
Question: Can PROS be used on other robotics platforms such as RaspberryPi? A student in making an autonomous boat and loves higher level stuff for coding.

The PROS kernel was built specifically for the VEX Cortex.

However, you can use C and C++ on the Raspberry Pi without PROS-- Here’s a free book about learning C with the RPi. From there, it seems that the WiringPi library will let you access the Pi’s GPIO pins from C programs.