PROS Vision Sensor returning 255 as signature

After creating the following object:
vision_object_s_t flag = vision.get_by_sig(0, 1);
and printing flag’s signature, I got 255, whether or not the object was in front of it. From another post, I saw that this meant that there was an error, so I printed errno and got 19. I also printed strerror(errno) to get the actual error, and I got “No such device”. My vision sensor was initialized in my code, and it’s connected to the brain. Its light even shines when I put the object that it’s supposed to recognize in front of it, so I don’t really know what to fix.

Is it plugged into the right port?

Yep. I managed to fix part of it, so now the errno value is 22, which supposedly correlates to EINVAL.

That means one of the arguments is invalid. Are all of your signatures defined?

Yeah, just realized that was an invalid size_id. So now i’m back to errno of 19, and I defined my signature as:
vision_signature_s_t SIG_1 = Vision::signature_from_utility(1, -4249, -2719, -3484, -8257, -6417, -7338, 3.500, 0);

bricked ports was the answer


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