PROS Visual Studio Code Extension - 0.5.0 Release: VEXCom & More!

The PROS Team is happy to announce VSCode Extension release v0.5.0, which introduces the following improvements:

  • VEXCom Integration allowing for capabilities that were previously exclusive to the VEX VSCode Extension such as Firmware Upgrades and Battery Medic.
  • Lots of One-Click Bugfixes making it much more stable
  • Sidebar buttons rewrite
  • And more bugfixes

Install Here: PROS - Visual Studio Marketplace

If you encounter any issue related to the VSCode extension that you can’t find the solution to, be sure to report it here: GitHub - purduesigbots/pros-vsc: PROS plugin for VS Code


Be sure to upgrade your CLI through One-Click to the latest release also coming out at the same time!


As some users have experienced, linting and autofill may not work after this update for C and C++. This is because PROS was bundled with ClangD but due to issues on different platforms we’ve had to switch to not providing a third party C/C++ extension bundled with the base extension.

In order to fix this issue, install a C/C++ VSCode extension of your choice such as the one shown below:

  • The PROS Development Team