PROS vs Vex code V5 text

For next year’s competition, I wanted to improve my programming skills to make our robot reach its full potential. A lot of the teams at my school use PROS while I use vex v5 text and when asking them they say it is a lot better. I wanted to know the pros and cons of both and which one I should use for next year.

both seem to be good options. I personally use vexcode, but I’ve seen pros user have lots of success as well. honestly I’d just try out both, and see which one you like using better.


PROs has a lot of library support built in. The main one being OkapiLib, which makes handling complex drivetrain stuff easier It also let’s you use editors other than what Vex chooses, which is nice for people with a preferred IDE.

VexCode is much simpler to setup. It has a variety of video tutorials, and gets support directly from Vex.

Its mostly just personal preference though. Just try writing some code in both and see how you like them.