PROS VSCode Extension Beta Release 0.4.0 and Kernel Release 3.6.2

VSCode Extension Beta 0.4.0

The PROS team is happy to announce a major update to our VSCode extension beta. This update greatly improves one-click’s reliability, adds many new settings to the project.pros file view, adds clangd to the extension’s dependencies, and adds a button to capture the brain screen. Please test and let us know if you encounter any bugs, since that’s the point of this extension being in beta!

PROS Kernel Release 3.6.2

Kernel release 3.6.2 brings some critical bugfixes, especially on mac and linux with newer versions of the arm toolchain, as well as some other fixes for users of our C API.

Quality of Life and Bugfixes:

  • Fix instances of prosERR to PROS_ERR on Screen Docs
  • Remove explicit from Task Conversion Constructor
  • Add getentropy to newlib stubs
  • Fix Abandoned Mutexes in ADI
  • Fix issue with newer ARM toolchain versions using MEMORY as a keyword
  • Simplify IMU calculations on backend by using modulo properly (calculations not changed)

Our blog can be found here: PROS Kernel 3.6.2 Release — PROS for V5 3.6.2 documentation

To upgrade your PROS projects, either use the PROS Sidebar -> Conductor -> Upgrade Project menu in the PROS VSCode Plugin or run prosv5 conduct upgrade kernel inside your project directory on the command line.

As always, let us know if you have any feedback regarding the VSCode beta or the Kernel update! We are a student run team and are improving and learning as we go alongside you all.


  • The PROS Development Team