Pros VScode not showing errors

When I build my program I get an error for missing a semicolon (which I am), but VScode isn’t identifying that I’m missing it with a red squiggle.

Is this intended or is this something I can fix?

I’m not sure if PROS has its own intellisense or not but…

You may need to install/apply the intellisense for C++.

Try installing this extension:


Thanks! I downloaded it, but now there’s error everywhere!image

and even more errors!


It seems like it’s finding errors that don’t exist because PROS has no issue building.

Everytime I open a file it has errors, it seems that I can’t use std:: anything?

did you make sure to

#include <iostream>

to use std::cout?

Note: Yet again, I am unsure if PROS has its own intellisense, but I’m trying to help with all that I know (I haven’t used PROS that much)


It’s in my main.h file


You can ignore the stuff about cquery. if that’s too much configuration for you, install the clangd extension instead of the Microsoft intellisense and it will work out of the box provided you use the build command I mentioned.


A popup asked if I wanted it to auto-configure and it said yes, so I already had that line in the json file

I just ran that command in the terminal and it worked!

Thanks to both of you for helping :grin:

That fixed the std:: issue ! yay, but pros:: is still giving an error

You will find the vscode clangd extension is nicer than vscode intellisense.