PROS with a mac

Hey, we are coding our v5 robot with pros on a Mac. We are have no some issues with downloading files to the brain under different names. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this could be happening?


If you’re using the PROS Editor, there is not currently a way to select which slot a program will upload to. My guess is you’ve been overwriting whatever is uploaded to slot 1 every time you click the button.

We have the functionality almost ready to go, but it hasn’t been released yet. In the meantime, you can use a terminal to upload instead (


to the project directory and run

prosv5 upload --slot 2

to upload to the second slot, for example).

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Yes, we are using terminal to upload code. The problem is that whenever we do this different code gets downloaded to different slots under the same name. These programs are titled different things on pros.

@zachmiles11 you can specify the


flag when uploading. a complete example follows:

$ prosv5 u --slot 7 --name "program 7"