PROS without administrator privileges?

Hey everyone who reads this post:

We are currently programming with a single person’s personal laptop rather than our school issued laptops. The issue is that they cannot install all of the PROS files without admin. To boost productivity, I was wondering if uploading PROS to an SD card or a flash drive would work by storing and running the code off of there.


Does anyone on your team have an admin laptop? @Barin could easily show you how to ‘take care of your issues’ if so.

Admin as in personal and not controlled by the school then yes.
Admin as in go into the school IT dept. and snatch a laptop then no.

It should be possible to manually “install” and run PROS as a portable app. I don’t have a Windows computer handy to test, but what I recommend trying first is simply installing PROS onto a flash drive from the personal computer and then running PROS from the flash drive on the school computer.

The thing you’re referencing (a) doesn’t work for domain accounts and (b) requires more access than a school computer should be configured to allow.


If you own the laptop, there is a trick involving sticky keys that can be used to recover admin.

That exact trick (or a minor variation thereof) is exactly what Taran was pinging me for. It is referenced in my response.

They obviously don’t own the school-issued laptops in question, which is where they want to install PROS. They already have PROS installed on the personal laptop.

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I misunderstood. I thought they wanted to install it on the personal laptop. @Barin I still do have my ubuntu live USB lying around if I ever need it.

So I got it to work with a minor roadbump. I installed PROS onto the SD card but wouldn’t open since pros-bootstrapper-dependencies was installed in the user files of the personal computer. I had to copy these files onto the SD card and later put them onto my school computer’s user files separate from the rest of PROS.

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I have definitely obtained admin with sticky keys on domain controlled computers.

This was obviously on my own domain with my own laptop, of course.

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