so I’m went to use pros today and the build key command still works but when I go to upload to cortex it docent work. and on the top there used to be a cortex button and that is gone how can I get this back I’ve uninstalled everything including the vex to serial driver and the java and it still hasn’t shown back up any solutions to my problem?

Do you currently have the PROS perspective open in PROSe? You will not see the upload button and other tools for the cortex unless that perspective is open.

I don’t have a pros perspective everything is gone other than the build button

Unfortunately I know this exact bug. From preliminary debugging on my old machine it is a combined bug between Eclipse Juno and the PROS plugins.

We are currently in the process of updating the plugins to be compatible with Eclipse Mars and hope to have an update out within the next month. If I find a solution before to restore the PROS perspective I will let you know.

the only way Ive been able to fix it is completely wiping my system clean and then reinstalling it. but that is a super pain. but as long as you guys know that’s fine.