I just found out there was something called PROS. It seems like its mac compatible and I don’t have to switch to Bootcamp to use it? The PROS website says I need Python 3.5 or something and I don’t know anything about that stuff and could use some help.
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PROS is an alternative kernel for the Cortex (read: replaces RobotC) that allows you to compile C and C++ directly and run it on your competition robot. Follow the link above for the installer, as well as tutorials, documentation, etc. There’s a bunch of advantages to using PROS, including being cross-platform, ability to use established C/C++ libraries, increased customizability, and slight performance considerations.

I would warn you, however, that the debugging tools for PROS out of the box are far inferior to that of RobotC, which is why I haven’t switched. If you’re using it for a competitive robot, some things that RobotC does automatically, PROS won’t do, so you’ll need to watch for those pitfalls. But if you’re using it in an educational context, I couldn’t recommend it more, as knowledge of C/C++ can be very, very useful to students, and RobotC’s syntax can often be lacking.

That’s my two cents, anyway

But spamming the console with 30 variables is fun :stuck_out_tongue:

@MayorMonty Thank you for your reply. But I tried downloading and installation failed. I also don’t have any idea what Atom is and if I have to download it or something. I SERIOUSLY HAVE NO IDEAAAAAAA

I should probably stick to RobotC… Thank you anyways.

Check out these videos by @Highwayman :
They can help you with all that stuff.
We use PROS and it works fine for everything we need. Also fun fact, PROS runs faster on the cortex

@Easton Really? But is the code syntax the same?

I don’t know all of the differences since I’m not the programmer, but I do know there are differences
-motor speeds use


instead of whatever the RobotC command is
-instead of

wait1msec (20)

, you do

delay (20)

I’m not sure all of the differences but there are several, and these differences are covered in the videos I linked.

Most of the VEX specific stuff (like setting motors, accessing sensors, etc.) is different, but both “languages” are (at least loosely) based on C. This means that most things (if statements, while/for loops, variables initialization, math/logic symbols, etc.) are the same. The switch isn’t very difficult if you understand the logic behind the programming, but it does take some work, and I wouldn’t recommend it to a complete beginner, especially as the debugging tools are far inferior to RobotC. I don’t know where you’re at, but it’s probably at least worth looking into, especially if you’re working on a Mac.

Will PROS work on the V5?

@ZachDaChampion Oof. Then I don’t want to use PROS then. Don’t want to relearn stuff when I’m not even good at RobotC

@n5vei I don’t think it will. Because the new VEX Coding studio for V5 is probably mac compatible too and I don’t think there is a need too.

Yes; a new version of PROS will be released for V5.

@RougeScaless Yes, with full (official) C++ support too, which is another reason learning it now may be a good idea; it will be very similar next year, while RobotC will no longer exist (there will be RobotC++, but nobody really knows what that’ll be like).

Can’t wait! I have a coder that wants to make the switch once the V5 is out.