PROSe Sample Code

I may be very confused about this but PROSe doesn’t come with any sample code (like RobotC) right? Is anyone willing to upload some I can look at? I have been looking at the main.h file to get function names but I haven’t been able to physically test it with my robot and need something to check/direct myself with.

Have you been through the PROS Tutorials? I find them to include everything you need to get going.

I don’t think anybody has a bunch of examples put together yet like there are for RobotC. You’ll probably have more luck if you ask for help with a specific task you are trying to accomplish and show what you’ve got so far.

What kind of sample program are you looking for? I can whip something up (and test it) and post it here, if you’d like.

EDIT: Darn you, Daniel! :slight_smile: You beat me to the “Post Reply” button.

I haven’t gone through them yet… not sure how I missed that … thanks

I was kind of thinking driver controlled stuff but the tutorials site basically does that and then some. thanks!

I can post some working code for whatever I’ve got at the moment. My other computer is in the lab right now, so I’m kind of limited to what’s on this one. Plus I’m not very good, so what I’ve got is really basic.

Anything specific you’re looking for? Driver code/autonomous/sensors? The API is pretty good for giving you the functions.

EDIT: Never mind. If the tutorials are enough, I won’t bother.

You’re dealing with a professional :wink:

Have you seen this.

and this

or perhaps this

PROS and ConVEX are very similar to ROBOTC, you can port code with almost no change in code structure, just change the function calls.

Is there a specific example you are looking for ?

I basically wanted driver controlled stuff but spaced the fact that their structure was so similar. I can basically just us the robot c sample code and switch the fuction names. You links help with that. Thanks!