Prosthetic Arm Activity


My colleague and I are trying to put together a joint project between my computer science class and her medical interventions class. My colleague is having her students design prosthetic arms that are supposed to put up a cup of water without spilling. I am looking for suggestions on what kind robotics kits are available for a project of this sort, What do you suggest?

Eric Shewmaker

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If this is something that is used once, I do not believe you should spend money on something as pricy as VEX equipment. If you have experience with VEX, on the other hand, you can likely ask to borrow some VEX equipment from your school to make the arm. Otherwise, I would think maybe a virtual simulation with Blender or something would be more suitable for costs.

Assuming that you have the privilege to get VEX equipment, do you want this arm to be manually controlled or have a form of automation?


We have a VEX robotics team that is dormant right now. We would use the equipment with the team when in-person clubs become a thing again, so the money would not be wasted. In fact, I mat be able to find the parts in what we already have. However, that may be a challenge with the pandemic and our capital project (school renovation). We are looking for the arms to be controlled with some form of electronic control whether with a controller or autonomously.

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I would possibly try to create some form of The IQ armbot, possibly with some type of claw that can grip the glass well and some PID to keep it stable.