prosv5:How to automatically set up "compile_commands.json"

The location of my laptop program is different from the project path of the school lab computer, and the arm-gcc path is different. Is there any way to automatically regenerate “compile_commands.json”?
How to modify makefile so that he acquiesced in multithreaded compilation, such as make all -j8?

Yes; just rebuild the project (make clean all). We recommend not committing compile_commands.json to source control.

It is not currently possible to run multiple jobs in parallel when building a PROS project, but I’ve added a task for us to be able to do so on our project workboard.

Thank you for answering. I would like to know what the order of reconstruction is. What are his specific steps?

What? If you’re using PROS Editor, use PROS -> Build -> All. If you’re running from command line, run prosv5 make all. If you’re using PROS Editor (2.x.x), use the target selector to run the “all” build.