[PROSV5]If I want to replace LVGL with QT, what should I do?

LVGL is a very good open source library.Thank you very much to his author
but the documentation for LVGL is not clear enough. For security, I wrote a lot of code like this.
if I’m want to switch pages .
I’m going to use “lv_obj_create(nullptr, nullptr);”"lv_scr_load (obj);"Is that right?
QT has a lot of video tutorials, It might be better for me.
But I don’t know how to set it.

QT requires a POSIX compatibility layer, which PROS supports some of, but not entirely. I doubt PROS or V5 itself is capable of covering enough of what QT needs to support it (since PROS is an RTOS without the concept of virtual memory and because of how much RAM is on the V5). Here’s a blog post from the QT developers.

Thanks ,It seems that I still need to learn more knowledge.