Protected side Autonomous

What are some autonomous ideas for the protected side? I would like to have more then the basic 3 cube stack, but can’t think of any viable alternatives, any suggestions?

Edit: We are a tray or for frame of reference

This would be four cubes. Not the greatest upgrade, but ok. You are not specifically limited to be right next to protected zone, so you could try for:


This is a pretty finicky idea though that involves a lot of cube ramming. You would have to have a fast drive too.


Issue is if alliance partner has their auto collect the 4 cubes it won’t work

The bots should be able fit side by side without touching and collect the cubes. Your tray would have to have a really thick base for that to not work. But I completely understand your reluctance. Just a random finicky idea I had.

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I understand the theory, I just don’t like leaving anything to chance, which is also why I am reluctant to grab a cube from the 4 tower, because a cube might fall in the way

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