Protecting The Field

Hello guys, do you have ways on protecting the field from being stepped on by students in the school? Our field is in an open area, people step on it for shortcut to a classroom. Do you have ways to prevent this from happening?

Also we are considering elevating the field, how did you guys do it, and approximately how much did they cost?

Elevate the field. Short of landmines, it’s the only way to keep it from being walked on. A parent in a local team built a 24" high platform out of 2x3 lumber and 4x8 sheets of OSB. I doubt it cost as much as US$200. Any carpenter, woodworker, or handy parent could do it.

@Rick TYler I like the landmines idea.

Sure, you have to buy a new field, but no one is going to step on it now.

Best easy solution I see is putting a semi-taut tarp over it. Just enough sag that no one will think it’s solid, but enough tension that it isn’t just resting over the field. Stepping on that is a major hazard.

If you go with the elevated platform, make sure of your ceiling height first. Here at Robot Mesh we had to buy protective covers for our sprinkler heads after we raised our field. People were going to hit their heads on them doing field reset.

here are plans for an aluminum field riser–not cheap, it will run you $1,700, but it is sturdy and allows for storage space underneath.
Field riser plans.pdf (1.08 MB)

Major hazards are good. :slight_smile:

hmm, how about some towers on the corners on the field, set up lasers (like the ones used for garage doors) if the beams are broken, heave it trigger a really loud alarm for a couple mins. this could probably all be done using an Arduino and 20 bucks of stuff.

expanding this design should do the trick

Cover it with clear Legos

Seems like land mines, traps + lasers will do the job! Elevating the field still need to talk to the teachers about it and find a time when we can afford that type of “construction”. So Mines will do for now.

Won’t be an issue with next year’s water game

you could also make caltrop out of that steel you know your team bought your first year of VEX… #FullAluminumEverything