Protecting the wires sticking out of motors.

Inadvertent damage in building, transportation, and competition is a constant bother for teams. What do your teams do to protect 393s and V5 motors from having their wires damaged? Do you zip tie things directly on the motor? Do you build protective standoffs to prevent unwanted contact? How do you store them to prevent damage?

We ziptire wires to the C-channels and sometimes add protective tubing out the wiring. Protective standoffs are for the most part unnecessary if you keep the loose wires ziptied flat on the robot. (Be sure to do this when the robot is at it’s most extended position or your robot will break the wires when extending).

For all motors, I generally find it useful to wire the motors within the “C” of the C-channels as much as possible. If there are gears the wires have to pass around, I would spend extra time rerouting the wires around the gears by a nearby support structure and make sure that the wire is secure with a small, light tug from zip ties in the area. I would generally raise and lower mechanisms and lower the mechanisms slowly if near the wires and change the wires position if you notice that the metal would be in the way or potentially hazardous. Because this is Turning Point, and the season has turned into BattleBots slightly, make sure the wires are as hidden and as hard to get as possible from other robots. And if a lot is exposed, rewire so it isn’t or it may be important to get wire sleeves.

If anything, it all comes down to experience. Have someone dedicated to wiring and have they will eventually learn techniques to ensure that the wires don’t get in gears, cut by metal, etc.
Hopefully this helps in some way, shape, or form :slight_smile: