protection case for gyro.

I was just wondering if it is legal to make a case that solely surrounds and protects the vex yaw rate gyroscope sensor. I also was wondering if i could 3D print this piece. I am not sure if this rule helps:

<R7> Robots are allowed the following additional “non-VEX” components:

d. Teams may add non-functional decorations provided that these do not affect the robot performance in any significant way or affect the outcome of the match.

I am new so please tell me if this is in the wrong place. :smiley:

Ya this is the wrong place.

An admin will probably move it the official Q and A and delete this.

Karthik is going to say that this is serving a purpose and thus not allowed under R7.

The real question is if he will make special allowances for it being to protect the gyro.(I doubt it but possible) I would just suggest using vex metal or lexan for this purpose.

thank you!

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This is indeed the wrong place; probably should have been posted in the Official Toss Up Q&A, but I’m not sure you need to post as this question is pretty similar and implies that such a thing would probably be illegal.

I agree that the Gyro should probably have a case, but if you mount it inside the robot you probably won’t have any issues. We’ve never had one break, although to be fair we don’t use them much.

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You could post another thread in the Toss Up Q and A and use this as a community answer or wait for the thread to be moved.

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What is to protect? Our gyro gets battered on a regular basis (every time we end up on top of a bucky) and has suffered no damage. The gyro and accelerometer are almost indestructible and are by far the most durable sensors we have used.

I find that the pins on the gyro tend to bend easily and i was worried they would break off… happened to a lot of my motors.

I broke two (they stopped returning data) this year because of our design. They are far from indestructible. I had to take them off because they just kept dying and the cost started to build up.

Have you considered using part of your plexi budget to construct a small case or shield for the gyro?

yes, however a 3D printed case will provide more protection and would be easier to use and make.