Protip for Overheating Intake Motors

One thing that can be done to help negate the symptoms of intake motors overheating, aside from fixing the underlying cause (cough friction cough), is to be able to quickly swap motors.

First, attach the motor body to the motor mounting part with Zipties and rubber bands, instead of with the screws the are usually used.

Then, acquire an additional pair of V5 Smart Motors, and remove the motor bodies from them.

Keep these in your toolbox.

When your intake motors begin to overheat, cut the zip ties and remove the overheating motor body. Swap in one from the toolbox and secure it with zipties again.

Use freeze-spray to cool down the warm intake, once it is no longer on the robot. This is to increase the speed of the cooling process.

Repeat the process.

This is a helpful trick that my team uses when our intake motors decide to not. I hope some find it helpful.

But remember, this is a cheap $60 and easy solution. The best way to permanently fix your issues is to reduce friction. The VEX Youtube channel recently released a video about that.


I dont know how exactly you have your zipties mounted, but I cannot think of a way in which you would not be able to slide the zipties on and off of the motor.

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Between the shaft and closest mount.

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Ah, well you dont have to do that.

It works well.

Im not saying doesn’t. Im just saying there is a quicker and just as effective option that doesn’t require the cutting of zipties in order to get the motor off, or the remounting of them for that matter.

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Rubber bands? I did mention that.

You could create guides on the left and right with standoffs, and then have a top that is on a hinge that could easily be taken on and off.

All this being said, I die a little on the inside every time one of my students mounts a motor without using screws…

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Well most of your motors should not really be overheating in the first place. There probably is a reason why. Especially with V5 motors that are stronger and better.


No, it still involves zipties, it is just in order to swap you just slide the zipties away. No cutting required. image (ignore the C-channel behind the motor)

And if this is mounted on a vibration laden system (like an intake) then you put a rubber band around it for good measure.


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