Protobot page error

I really hope Vex isn’t trying to cheat us but if you go to products > Starter Bundles > Then scroll down to the bottom and click protobot kit you will see the picture that says contents.The thing is this picture shows an extra 5x15 plate and a 5x25 plate THAT ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE KIT OR LISTED ON THE PAGE! So, this could really be a problem for those that don’t read the contents!
Please fix this error.


mmmm nice find. i am not really all that concerned because what really matters is the listing on the page but it would probably be good to have an accurate picture of the product. i am positive this is not a scam or anything most likely just an honest mistake. or possibly we are missing something.

To be honest, I don’t really know how this could just be a mistake. Why would you set the entire picture up without checking the contents of the kit??

Trust me, it’s possible.

Even adults make mistakes :slight_smile:

True lol, I just hope that they get it fixed so no one gets mislead.

Good catch – we’re working to update the photo – the list of contents on the page are correct; all parts required to build the Protobot are included in the kit (except for the Microcontroller, Receiver, and sensors that are pictured).

Thats good. Glad to know this was a mistake!

Just looked back on the page - Glad to see its fixed now!