Protobot vs Booster Kit

My Daughter has the clawrobot kit and now wants to try experimenting with her own stuff and what you get with the clawrobot kit doesn’t really allow this,
so assuming a £150 limit what would be the most useful additional stuff to get for general mucking about.
Both Protobot and Booster Kit cost about £150. With the Protobot we get 4 extra motors (ok only 269’s) where as with the Booster Kit, you get more metal and screws etc…
or is there something else better to look at.

A little outside your budget but I would also consider the mechatronics add on kit because it adds a lot of really useful stuff like chain and omni wheels. Also it has some sensors for more useful and complicated programming.

sadly even if it was in my budget its not available in the uk.
there is the Competition Robot Upgrade Kit though

regarding sensors, we have enough to be getting on with at the moment, although the gyroscope looks intersting


Give us an idea of what she wants to do that she can not do now, it takes a lot to jump to a competition size robot.

I think competition is now a while away (and maybe too costly) and Christmas is almost here.

Perhaps I should get her to design something and then find parts to Match, but at present she’s under a lot of stress from school for other things (being 1 of only 2 trumpet players at a school thats decided to put on a large musical production in the middle of AS mocks can be challenging).

Also she’s more of a hands on person. I think initially just some tinkering to improve the basic claw-bot, to play more with autonomous control, possibly later on look at some of the design challenges of collecting sacks, or maybe support a small vacuum cleaner and see if you can get it to autonomously clean a room… I spose bottom line, we’re not sure :slight_smile:

Then perhaps the booster kit is the best buy, it contains a 25x25 chassis and plenty of other hardware like screws and bearing flats which are the basic supplies you need to build alternative designs. However, no matter how much you buy it always seems like you need just a little more, perhaps another extension wire, more spacers, standoffs etc. etc.

Yes its scary, and that reminds me I must remember some extension wire’s :slight_smile: