prototype intake

I’ve come to the realization that there are different ideas for intakes for the cones in this game and I tried a new design that takes the Goliath intake and removes the front plate and makes the sprocket at the front smaller than the one on the back causing somewhat of a funnel and allowing it to pick up cones without having to carefully aim from the top. Is there a possible way to improve this design or will I have to change my design in general?

The other way to drive into cones is to just turn the rollers front to back, so when you drive into the cone, the front roller goes over the cone and picks it up.

Well, it’s hard to suggest changes or improvements without a picture of what you made. Remember, you can make your robot any way you like, you don’t have to change your design. Also, people have been using different types of intakes this Whole Season. Claws, top rollers, passive, etc.

Here’s an intake similar to what you’re describing

We also did something similar, but moved away from it after deciding that it didn’t help with scoring
20171218_201516 (1).jpg

Hmmm…seems like an interesting idea. I might consider the same, because I have a chain bar with rollers and have to jockey it so that i’m at the exact position I need. It seems inefficient to me.