Prototype Walking Vex Robot

This is a prototype walking drivetrain I made for Sack Attack. This design works very well for an off-road robot, but it bounces around alot and isn’t very accurate.

Here’s the Pic in the gallery.

And here’s a Youtube video of it.

That’s pretty cool!

How is your Sack Attack progress coming along?

Will you be attending Wildstang Regional again this year?

Are you considering using this in Sack attack?

It looks like a Design Award winner to me.

You can just go to a big competition. Win the design award and be qualified for Worlds.

Very cool! My son built a hexapod a while back, but never got it walking, so we know how hard it must have been to get yours functioning properly.

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Thank you! And, we’re getting there; I’d say 45% done :stuck_out_tongue:

I doubt we’ll be in Wildstang, it’s just too far for us to go.

Um, no, this design is far too bouncy and unreliable for any accuracy with programming.


It took a month or so :stuck_out_tongue: I had to do some of it in CAD to got it so that the linear slides were in the right place and so that I could make it with only cutting up one linear slide.

And I’m going to clarify a few things…

First off, this is actually my personal robot, not our teams designs. No offense to anyone on the forums, but we don’t like to share our designs much :stuck_out_tongue:

And second, in case anyone is wondering, yes, this robot can turn too :smiley: