Proud to be VEXinated during COVID!

Team 938A wanted to thank the VEX community for an incredible year!

We are a group of 7th graders who learnt a lot from this VEX forum, so we wanted to share a video reveal we made of our robot. Hope you like it!

2021 was a tough year with us locked down due to COVID. All our hopes were down and we were not sure what to do. Then VEX came to the rescue by announcing all the ways we could still participate, work on our robot and learn something we are passionate about. We wanted to thank all the mentors, organizers and forum members from whom we learnt the skills needed to build a good robot.

Thank You!
Team 938A


Was your inspiration for the reveal the virtual apple events?


Nice reveal, those are some cool drone shots. And congrats on winning the big 3 awards at state and 2nd in middle school LRS worlds!


Thank you for your insight @forzapixel! Yes, it is inspired by a virtual apple event. How did you guess?

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Thank You ! Congratulations to your team too on winning the Excellence award at State and the Design at Worlds ! I really love to fly DJI drones. I have been doing it for just over a year now.


By the way, @forzapixel, congrats to you guys for winning Amaze and Tournament Champion at State and Excellence at Worlds!


hahaha nice. mostly from the music and the drone transitions. what drone did you use? I also love flying my drone


@forzapixel Yes, I took the music from the transitions. The drone clips are also sped up anywhere from 2x to 20x to get that pro look. I love flying my drone too! The drone shots used a DJI Mavic Mini. I am planning on getting a Mavic Air for even better shots.