PRRA Alliance Multi Robot Reveal

The Puerto Rico Robotics Alliance composed of VRC teams Redemption Robotics (2382a) and UHS Robotics (2223G) and VEX-U team UPR Robotics (PRAR1) will be posting the robots reveal soon.

Stay tuned and enjoy our Pre-Worlds teaser!

This gon be goooooood

Looking niiice!
When is the full reveal coming?!

Later today!

Enjoy, see you at worlds!

Sweet! Good luck guys
I like your dog

I like the tilt and fork combo on the front dumper! Haven’t seen that combination yet anywhere. All these robots in general seem very impressive.

Thanks, we’ve spent a lot of time tuning and perfecting these robots.

I liked the dog jumping whenever the robots dumped. Very impressive robots!

Good luck tomorrow and remember to pass by our booths.

Redemption Robotics 2382a- Engineering
UHS Robotics 2223G- Math
PRAR1 Vex-U Innovate

In the video when you’re listing the motor configurations of each robot most of them were using 12 motors in addition to pneumatics. Is this just a typo? Because if not those robots are illegal. Rule R11 states that robots may either use 10 motors and pneumatics or 12 motors and no pneumatic components.

In VEXU, you’re allowed to use 12 motors + pneumatics.

See this Q&A:
Use of motors and pneumatics in Vex U

Ahh my bad I thought they were all high school teams

Yes, as @discovery stated in VexU you are allowed 12 motors+ pneumatics and 3 of the robots shown are from VexU.