PSA: The Clothespin Game - VEX Worlds Edition

Next week, many of us VEXNerds will be heading to Anaheim, California for the 2013 VEX Robotics World Championships. There will be hundreds of teams there, and in the spirit of bringing all of the teams together, team 507 and I have decided to organize a huge round of the clothespin game. This game involves taking innocent and low cost clothes pins, and secretly tagging people for points.

For those of you who would like a better explanation of what this game is about, refer to this video:

To summarize, each pin is one point. There should be witnesses and documentation (pictures and videos), but the honor system is acceptable as well.

Get as many clothespins as you can and label them with your team name so that people know who got them! Try and bring back the clothespins to the teams and get to know who tagged you! ALSO! You can put the pin on your team signs - we’ll be on the look out for you guys :smiley:

Anyone can play, and this would be a great way to get connected and learn more about each other!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and join the Facebook event on


  • Mustang Robotics and Janella Pizarro of team 507B

5 points for tagging volunteers and 10 points for Karthik? :smiley:

YES! Pass the word on! This would be super epic if everyone joins in! (Don’t forget to join the event page!)

Yo it’s Michael from 2150. So is there going to be a limit on how many clothespins each person can bring (e.g. it is just 1 per person)?

I was hoping to tag as many employees and teams at the competition with my partner without getting caught :cool:

How many points for pinning the captain of our flight from New Zealand and not getting arrested?

We’ll have to figure out a points to dollars conversion ratio so we can bail out the Kiwis from federal prison at this rate…

This would be something we need to do :slight_smile: We need those NZ teams at Worlds :stuck_out_tongue:

Bro, bail them out? As if we don’t have enough brain power to hack the security system.

THERE IS NO LIMIT! You’ll probably catch me at the local Target stocking up on clothespins every night!

Add me on Facebook and join the event to see the contenders!! Spread the word!

  • Janella Samson Pizarro of 507B

Document it and send us videos! We’re team 507, so be on the look out for us :slight_smile: We’re going to try and keep track of points, but it would just be hilarious to see employees with a bunch of clothespins!!

  • Janella Samson Pizarro

Mmm Federal…prison…on further reflection…lets leave the pilot out of it :slight_smile:

This needs to become a thing… Karthik should be worth more like 50 points, he reads these things and will surely have his guard up.


I see Karthik showing up wearing skin tight latex to avoid being tagged :slight_smile:


I would absolutely LOVE this!

Either way, I think the bullseye is already painted. Run Karthik run!

The trolls are coming… -Cody

EDIT: If any Mythbuster shows up and you pin them, you immediately win the game.

Also I’ll throw in 100 geek points for anyone who gets Jason.

Are there bonus points if my robot pins people instead of me?

O_O … I’m just going to say the rule is “Pix or it didn’t happen.”

  • Janella Pizarro

Join the facebook event you guys!

Im so excited to play this game. im gonna bring like a couple bags from like the 99 cents store or something. go team 507!!!


More and more people are joining the event! I can’t wait to see who’s playing.
Make sure you get ready! People are posting pictures of their pins on the event page, be sure to check it out and join!

If we have full documentation, and we tag a robot and the team doesn’t realize (ends up playing a full match with a clothespin on their robot), do we get bonus points?