ptc overheating code #include file

Hello, me team is having trouble creating #include files using the ptc program. I was hoping is there anyway anyone could help us, and if there is please respond by giving in depth instructions. Thank you in advance for any help.

What is the “ptc program” ?

are you having trouble with whatever the “ptc code” is, or is you problem with creating the #include file?

If the exact directory, down to the lowest file name, is included in RobotC’s Include Directories, a #include statement looks something like this:

#include "ptcProgram.h"

If the exact directory is not included, say, you keep everything on your desktop, in a folder called “RobotC Files”, and inside of that is a “RobotC Header Files” folder, and the included directory ends at “RobotC Files”, then the #include statement would look like this:

#include "RobotC Header Files\ptcProgram.h"

If your issue lies within your “ptc program,” then we will need to see said program, as well as the errors that are being thrown to help. The difference would be that an issue with an included file would be marked as occurring on whatever line the #include statement is on, say line 20, followed by a period and the line within the included file, say 50. The error for this example would be attached to line 20.50, rather than line 20. I hope this helps, and pleasant programming.