PTC, SmartMotor & 81M_functions

We had some problems trying to implement @jspearman 's SmartMotor library - (some of the encoders/potentiometers don’t show up in the debugger)

So we decided to try motor slew rate found the @VEXMEN post but are unable to find the 81M_functions.c file.

If anyone has an ideas we’d appreciate it!


@jpearman 's post here should have the slew code you need.

The post you linked from the vexmen website referenced “seeing Glenn for the 81M_functions.c file.” He’s one of our mentors - this post was likely mostly intended for internal club use by some of the new teams. The above link should be everything you need though.

I believe you are correct. @Team80_Giraffes had that code for internal usage. That code was based upon some of the SmartMotor library and already mentioned post.