Hello, so we have a 2 motor 49:3 flywheel that is pretty accurate. We are currently running into issues with our one of the motors on our flywheel dying when we run the flywheel for around 30 seconds. I believe this is a PTC trip, and this occurs whether we have our flywheel motors plugged into our power expander or directly plugged into our cortex. We currently have a TBH Algorithm controlling the speed of our flywheel. Is there away without using extra motors, so programming and or using a potentiometer to stop this from happening.
Thanks, Team 184

lower your flywheel ratio other than that I don’t think theirs another way without more motors

High-speed, high-strength or turbo?

They are regular motors,straight from the package, the internal gearing never got changed.

First off, you wouldn’t be using a potentiometer as they are for 270 degree movement. You would use a quad encoder or ime. I would just spend a lot of time going through each stage of the fly wheel and reducing friction because I ran a higher ratio on my fly wheel with 2 motors and it never burnt out.

Try to make sure your bearings are not too tight, and make sure your axles aren’t bent. Also try to make sure that all your metal is line up nicely. Your gears should be able to spin freely and smoothly. If all this doesn’t work then you may want to add motors to your flywheel.

Their gear ratio is really not that high. They said it was a 49:3 gear ratio, or about a 16.3:1 gear ratio. That’s not the issue. Build quality and friction reduction is probably what they need.

Oh my mistake, I misread that as a 49:1 ratio.