Public Appreciation...

I’d just like to take the opportunity to publicly thank everyone at VEX and IFI for their hard dedicated work for all of us students…

In particular, I would like to call out Karthik Kanagasabapathy for specific recognition. This one man has answered all of our questions, (at last count, almost 200 just for this season!) and has patiently made sure we can all understand exactly how we are supposed to play.

So I hereby take off my virtual hat to all the folks at VEX, and Karthik in particular for their dedicated work to insure we all have a wonderful robotics experience…

…and a future in a law firm, sorting out the tiny details and definitions nobody cares about… :smiley:

cant wait to see karthik again at Florida!

For the last two years Sean Daugherty has been my “go to” person with any problems with parts, fields and trophy orders. Running 8 events and 15 robot teams I’ve been on the phone with Sean a lot. The new website has been a huge help, but Sean still solves the problems.

The other unsung heros of IFI is the warehouse packing / shipping crew. Orders in by 3PM ship the same day. And I’ve processed a lot of 2:59:58 PM orders on the website that have gone out on time.


I absolutely agree with how helpful all the VEX guys are and I too have made phone orders with Sean and the other guys who are extremely helpful.

I also want to thank Brad Lauer for his support too. He comes to help at competitions and is a great support to everyone when he is there.

Brad your efforts are appreciated by everyone I’m sure.

As an event partner, I’d like to send some kudos to Dave Flowerday and the VRC Tournament Manager Software Team. Across the last two years it has improved multi-fold times (think thousands of times better). While many of you only see some of the displays I get to interact with a lot of back stage items.

Thanks Dave and team for your efforts in making our events run smoothly!

Thanks for the kind words! We here at VEX truly enjoy making this competition a wonderful experience for all the participants.