PUBLIC: New Team needs some pointers

@Team4863 This is a thread open to everyone; I thought it might be nice to get input from competitors.
My team uses a Pelican case for shipping our robot. It worked very well for us last year, and hopefully it will protect our robot again this year (I’m sure it will). We check it as luggage. As for everything else, we bring a suitcase with everything we need in it. A hard case is probably better if you have one, or you can just wrap everything in clothing as padding.

The tournament will be divided into 5 or more divisions; that number is still TBA. Each division is basically its own tournament, with alliance selections and playoffs restricted to that division. Qualifications are still random as usual, and playoffs are 8 alliances of 3 teams. All matches are determined the same way as they would be at any other tournament.

Only 24 teams from each division go into playoffs. The playoffs stay within each division. The champions of each division’s playoffs go to a Round Robin tournament, so each alliance plays the others.

If you notice in their original post they say they are a middle school team. Last year there were only two divisions and I am guessing it will be the same this year. Other than that all of this applies (I think).

Last year we were fortunate to have case for transporting the robot to Worlds. This year we have two teams going and, of course, they interpreted 18x18x18 as a requirement. My high colleague and I just ordered four ATAsafe cases from eBay.

shhhhh!!! Don’t tell our teams! We have them on a weight and girth reduction program.

Where is the original post of questions, I do not see it on this thread.

Here is the original post. It was placed in the official Worlds Q&A.
I didn’t see the part about the OP being a middle school team; my bad. There probably will be the same number of divisions this year, since high school is also the same, but expanded by about 50 teams so far.


Using the shipping service provided through VEX is quite expensive and you do not have access to the robot for 10 days before the event.