I find it difficult to construct pulleys using the existing parts.

I would like both “driven” pulleys for use in winch applications and free running pulleys for use in things like multi-stage forklifts.

Check out the pulleys I used as Railroad Train wheels, which I rescued from an antique Erector Set.


I suppose you could put 2 gears right next to each other with a nylon spacer in between but that probably wouldn’t work.

What about the sprocket and chain kit? This is the same thing but it has chains.

When ever I needed to pully i would put two vex gears side by side a i would tie a string to one of the gears and then use the gears as my pulley

Have you ever looked at buying one from a hardware store such as Lowes, Home Depot, or Ace? They are pretty good prices and you can then integrate them into Vex.

Yes. i found some pulleys at tractor supply, the axle hole was 5/8in which is to big but i bet they sell smaller ones.

Just look on the internet.

Also you may be able to construct you own pulley.

I just thought about this and it might work if you are careful.

Get a large wooden dowel and put it in a drill, then rev it up to make a sort of crappy lathe.

Then simply take a knife or other sharp object and carve the wood into a pully.

Then cut the small 1 or 2in sections of the pulley out until you have as many as you want.

After that you can drill a hole i the middle and take two lock bars and screw them on each side so it will be a 1/8in shaft.

Its a crude method but thats the only way i can think of.

You can get some great robot-sized parts (gears, pulleys, timing belts, etc) at SDP/SI.

Their site is a little hard to browse; it works best if you know exactly what you are looking for already.
They are not cheap, but you might find something that fits your needs, like these:


  • Dean

I went a different way about getting pulley’s. I checked out with a few machine shops in my area to ask if anyone was able to make small scale parts. It was almost disheartening that nearly none of them could use stock that small in their machines. Though a few told me it was possible but not econimical. out of about 15 shops only 6 told me they could do it. and they gave me a price estimate between $1.60 to $2.25. I was blown away. So I was talking to my friend and he said his dad worked in the machine shop and knew the machinest there. And they had mini machining tools. So I meet with the man, told him what I wanted and gave him a prototype I had dremeled. he said $1.00 each. So I ordered 120 of them. at the time I needed only 98 of them for a project which turned out too complicated. well stressful.But take a look at these links.