pump for pneumatics

Could anyone give an information where I can buy a good pump for pneumatics?


We just use a regular bike pump. As long as it has a readable dial, it’ll be fine.

Thanks. Does it come with gauge?

Yeah that’s what I meant by “dial.”

Something like this works just fine unless you’re one of those crazy teams with like 8 air tanks

Thank you very much, Daniel.

Also be sure that the gauge can get to 100 psi, I have seen some that only go to 80 psi

Thanks, I will make sure to get a right one

Yep i second the bike pump.

ordered this one:

thats a good pick

Make sure its got a study plunger as well, we bent one because the plunger was too weak, I just went to Walmart and bought a good sturdy one

I will let you guy know how it works

How is yours working now? We are curious :wink:

We just broke ours yesterday… :mad:

From my experience, I recommend anybody to buy a pump with a metal base (the place where you put your feet) and one with a small cylinder girth. Although a pump with a smaller girth may take slightly longer to fill up your pneumatic tanks, it takes stress off the pump because it requires less force to push down. This way, your pump will last for years, rather than a single competition.

One of my teams bought this to use. It has worked great for them and definitely saves time when using 6 reservoirs.


Our team had a cheap air compressor but whenever we took it off of the tank, all of the air would come out as we were removing the attachment. Now we just use it for large balls.

My team just uses a bike pump the advantage of that is you can show off all your mussels, but it gets annoying after a while of pumping.:cool:

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To get this back on topic, Topeak and Zefal have not done me wrong for bike pumps over the years.